The strongest chains are not those that can be placed around the body,
but those that are wrapped around the mind and heart.

Presented by Carl A Davenport...but Inspired by God

*****This Commentary is adapted from the sermon by
Carl A Davenport called "Sex, Its All About You" delivered to the
"Urban Nomads" a homeless camp on April 23, 2008,  Pensacola, FL


Isaiah 59:2

but your iniquities have separated between you and your God,and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

Matthew 5:28

28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.


The Spiritual Forces Ministry exists to make you aware of your bondage to sexual sin and the separation from God your sexual sin has caused. You may not think you are separated from God because of your sexual sin, BUT YOU ARE..

At Spiritual Forces Ministry we pray that you might turn to God and be delivered from your bondage and separation.  God is in the delivering business.  He will deliver you only when you repent and sincerely ask Him.  But...before you can ask Him to deliver you from your bondage and separation, you first have to know what the bondages of sexual sin are...keep reading you'll know. 

There are three rules of bondage that always apply themselves to sin.

Sexual sin includes thinking about having any kind of sex with anyone you are NOT married to. The sin starts here because your mind always follows your heart.  See Matthew 5:27-8. A thought of sin only comes after the sin enters and is already in your heart. After the thought nourishes itself, it then becomes physical . That's the part of the sin you commit by having any type of sex with anyone you are not married to.

The sex you try to have daily fits this description. Keyword: try. This shows the heart and thought are there because the physical act wants to and is trying to take place. If you compare what's inside your heart and mind, and the sexual behavior that follows your heart and mind to the definition of sexual sin, you will see clearly that your entire being is in craving for sexual sin.

Remember, sexual sin is born in the heart, not in the act. The act is last because it follows your thinking which follows your heart. Simply because you do not always act on those thoughts does not mean you are not guilty of sexual sin. If sexual sin is in your heart your heart has sinned. You will surely be found guilty on judgment day for just thinking lustfully. It will be just you and God.

Sexual Sin always turns into bondage. It will never fail you. That is by God's design.  (Gal 6:7-9) Be not be deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sow, that he shall also reap. And...he will reap right at the end of the growing season.  If you sow wind, you will reap whirlwind.

The first time you commit sexual sin you feel guilty because you know God is watching. The second time you feel less guilty. The third time less, and so on. Each time you feel the pleasure of sex you think more of the pleasure of sex and less of the guilt. This is the beginning of the grip of bondage. In time sexual sin becomes the norm, and you feel as if it were less important of an issue with God each time. Soon, God doesn't matter, only the pleasure form the sexual sin does. This is bondage.  You will deny you are in bondage by thinking this is the way I am, or everyone else is like this when it comes to sex, so it can't be wrong. 

When you are in bondage to sexual sin, it seems like sex is the best thing you could do. It's the first thing you think of doing, pretty much all the time. You believe it's great to have sex as often as you can, even if it is with someone you are not married to.  You feel comfortable about having sex with anyone you want to. Your lifestyle becomes a just sex, no rings, no strings, not tied down to anyone lifestyle. may have be a vital part of expressing your feelings in your relationship with someone you are not married to. Either way, believe it or not, it is sexual sin you are in bondage to.

Satan is very good at what he does. He's also very simple. All he ever does is whisper a little thought in your ear telling you to have sex. He then shows you someone you are lustfully attracted to, and the rest is up to you.  He is so good at deceiving that the thought of sex outside of marriage being sexual sin never enters your thought pattern.

Sinning against God never enters your mind. Satan has you so distracted with your own lust that you completely forgot about God, or God just didn't matter. That is Satan's plan. To use your own lusts against you. Satan and his deception has you distracted and thinking only about satisfying your self-centered sexual needs.  If you follow the thought Satan has planted in your path, or if you even dwell on it for too long, you will sin sexually and bondage will get a grasp on you.

When you are in bondage to sexual sin, you believe sex is proper and its not a sin.  Your bondage tells your mind to cleverly work in the background to rationalize a good reason why having sex with this person is right. Your mind, if you allow it, will always find many ways to distort God's truth and deceive you into committing sexual sin... Any sin for that matter.

Once you have hoodwinked yourself, and have physically had sex with someone you are not married to, even if it's only an occasional romp in the hay, it's still sexual sin...and you are still guilty...Or...if you have sex is with just one or two select partners who you are not married to, or if you have sex to commemorate some special occasion, or if you have sex because you like the person, or because you were high on drugs or alcohol, or if you have sex just when the time is right, or if you have sex just because you feel like your body needs relief...No reason is valid with God. It is sexual sin. You are still guilty.

If you commit sexual sin, you have disobeyed God's law every time you commit a sexual sin.  It is certain that sexual sin will put you in bondage. Bondage is bondage, and bondage will always be the same, whether you are rampantly having sex with anyone willing, or just occasionally, with only one person you are not married to.  Whatever your reason, it does not matter. It's not a reason, its an excuse for sinning. It is sexual sin and God is putting you on notification right now as you read this delivery. 


 Porn stars are in bondage to sexual sin. Most of the stars are in bondage to many other sins also. don't have to be a porn star to be in the same bondages. All you have to do is commit sin. Most porn stars are not 'making a living' as they say they are with the sexual sin they perform on screen. They are supporting other bondages, such as drugs, alcohol and other vices of their lifestyle. Porn stars teach sexual sin and lead others who watch them perform into sexual sin. When you watch them you want to have sex just like they do. The thoughts of sexual sin fills your heart...Sin begins in the heart. You heart is full of sin when you watch porn.
 It says nothing in God's word about masturbation, but masturbation also brings bondage. Some, who are in bondage to masturbation say, don't knock it, it was my first love. It wasn't their first love, it was their first sexual sin and their first bondage. And for many still is. Is that you?
 If you are a prostitute working the streets, you are in bondage. Your bondage has put you where you are. You are deceived because you don't think its out of line with God. You only deceive yourself more if you're a prostitute and you claim you're "not that bad" of a prostitute because you are only prostituting to support yourself.  You deceive yourself even more if you are a single mom and claim to be just supporting your children. Your bondage is deep, and it has hoodwinked you.  Prostituting yourself is not God's way to support yourself, or your children, or anything else. It is a tool of the devil. Satan has deceived you into performing acts of sexual sin that separates you from God. That's his goal, to separate you from God. You are losing the spiritual battle one client at a time. You are in bondage right now because you disobeyed God's sex law when you started being a prostitute. Bondage is one of the penalties attached to every sin.
 You need to get honest with yourself. You know you are not prostituting to support yourself or your children. Nor for the excitement, because there is no excitement. It left with the third or fourth client. You prostitute to support your other bondages, or your drug habit. Which came first the chicken or the egg, or the drugs or the prostitution? We know the bondage always comes last.
 If you are a prostitute, and you think you are of "a higher grade" than the ordinary street prostitute because your clients are wealthier and you do not have to work the streets, your thoughts of some "higher grade" deceive only you. You know exactly what your are. You are a prostitute. A prostitute whose deeds are no different than the prostitute working the street.  You are both sinners and are in bondage to same kind of sexual sin. least you have softened your job title and given it a higher class name such as  "call girl"  or "escort." Mom won't be as shocked when she finds out. She'll really be thankful that your a call girl or escort and not a prostitute or street hooker. The fancy title does make it not sound as bad. But, in reality,  God is not looking at your soft title. He's looking at your heart. He knows you are still a prostitute. He won't even add credit for your creativity with names because your sin with a softer name isn't any 'softer' or less sinful than the sin of the street prostitute? You deceive only yourself with your softer title. It doesn't soften the profession. It only deceives you. You know the truth and it's looking you right in the eye. Sexual sin is sexual sin no matter how softly you name it, its still sexual sin in God's eyes.
 If you are the "end user" or watcher of pornography, or you are a client of a prostitute, you are also 'locked in' to sexual sin. You are the foundation that sexual sin builds upon. Without an end user or a client, prostitution or porn could not exist. Therefore you are a support system for sexual sin. Your dollars fund it. Your participation keeps it alive and growing. You are the one who fuels the sexual sin machine, greases its gears and keeps it running smoothly. The entire sexual sin machine would stall if you did not support it. You are in bondage to sexual sin. Don't think you're not doing evil. You disobey God's law every time you partake. The Judgment day is on its way. How will you explain yourself? Will you tell the Lord you weren't that bad? Will you tell God you only followed the leader, or will you tell God you lead the followers?
 You say you watch porn only once in a while, or 'on an occasion.' You do not lie. You watch it until you commit sexual sin by yourself, then you turn it off and go about your other sinful business. You still broke God's law whether you did it by yourself or with a hundred others. If you done it once, you have sinned once. If you done it twice, you have sinned twice. Your first sin lights the fires of hell for you. The rest just make the fire hotter. If you claim you only watch porn and satisfy yourself occasionally, and you don't think you're that bad, think about this. If you are hanging over a fire by a ten link chain, which link has to break for you to fall into the fire? Look at it truthfully. You use porn for the fast self gratification you always seek, and you sometimes urge members of the opposite sex to watch it with you to steer them into your sexual sin. It's your heart.
 You cruise the streets, back and forth, in the devil's darkest neighborhoods, looking for a prostitute until you find that 'special one' and  receive your sexual satisfaction from her. When you find the 'special' prostitute, you have just entered the devil's ballpark, to receive what feels like heaven for a few seconds. That's one of the deceptions of Satan. The devil has you gladly trading that few seconds of sexual pleasure for an eternity of pleasure with God.  The next day your urge for sexual satisfaction will be back, if not later tonight. So you repeat the process. Every time you just  think about finding a prostitute you have disobeyed God's law. Its in your heart, not in your act.  And...the more you look for sexual  satisfaction in a prostitute, the more satisfaction escapes you.  You never can reach the point of satisfaction you are searching for. You are always left in a void. This is bondage and the absence of God in your heart.
 Are you having sexual relations outside your marriage? That is against God's plan for your marriage and he will bring His judgment upon you when your sin reaches its peak. You know better, but have defied God's laws by having sexual relations with someone else other than the marriage partner you swore to God to love, honor and obey, until death do you part. You have died spiritually the first time you had sexual relations outside your marriage. God is not behind your immoral actions, and your immoral actions will cost you an eternity with God. God is watching you and He has a tear in His eyes.
 Are you living with someone who is married to someone else? Even if they say they are with you, God has already spoken and made them someone else's partner, as He united them some time ago. You have gotten between a marriage union that God has united, and both of you are living immorally. God does not approve of adultery and will soon tire of your sinful relationship. When your sin fully ripens, its time will be up and God's will release His judgment on both of you, and your relationship will be destroyed. It is written, "What God puts together no man shall put asunder."
 Was that you who helped a member of the opposite sex get under the influence of drugs or alcohol so you could have 'your way' with them? I bet you never did that. If you haven't, then you did not disobey God's law on this one. We won't need to go there, you're innocent. Take an honest look at yourself. If you have done this act, sexual sin has you in bondage so bad that you will go as far as to drugging someone just to have sex with you. Who do you think is the originator of this? Your not. You are more than 2000 years behind the originator of this act. The devil is the originator. He is also the originator of influencing others to do this. You are his puppet. It's time to get honest and face how evil you really are when sexual sin is involved.
 Some visit because they were asked to check out the site. 
 1. CURIOSITY;   When it comes to sexual sin, you are curious because whatever you are curious about in sexual sin directly relates back to you. If it doesn't, you are not curious about it. Its that simple. You, who claim to be 'only curious,' know how guilty you are, but are frantically searching for something that will convince you that you are not as guilty as you know you are. You are looking for some kind of documentation to convince you that you are acting in a normal manner rather than a sinful manner when it comes to your sex life.
 2. TO MOCK; If you are a mocker of sexual sin, you are guilty of sexual sin. You can only mock sexual sin when you know enough about sexual sin to mock it. Otherwise none of the sexual sinners you are mocking to would bother listening to you. They listen to who knows and ignore who doesn't.
 3. FOR SUPPORTING EVIDENCE OF DENIAL; You deny being a sexual sinner. You call your sexual sin just a normal healthy sexual appetite.  The sex therapists on television say so. You have a sexual hunger and are ready to have sex with anyone who appeals to you to overcome that hunger. you, that's not sexual sin, its fulfilling your desires. Besides everybody's having sex, all over the world, all the time. So it's ok to have sex if everyone is doing it.  The world approves. You have chosen the worlds approval over God's. God does NOT approve. You are now believing a false doctrine.
 The reason you believe everyone else is having sex constantly is because you try to have sex all the time. You know the truth, but you deny it.  You think you can rename your sexual sin to  'active' sexual appetite' because some television show host's misguided opinions say so. You know what sexual sin is, and God knows the truth about you. He knows every sexual sin you have committed. Even the ones you've overlooked hidden or forgotten about.  You can continue as you are for the rest of your life and live to the world's standards, but they are not God's standards. God's standards are the standards. The world's standards are man made. On that great last day, there will be a consequence for every sexual sin you committed. They are waiting for you. You will soon be experiencing them.
 You can only deny God's laws for a season. He is calling you, to repent right now. That is why you are reading this. God put it here for you to read so you will see how disgusting you really are and ask Him for forgiveness. He's calling and you better answer.  If you don't, it'll be...Payday...someday...when you will receive your wages for the sins you've committed. (ROMANS 6:23) Its time to get on your knees and ask him to save you. Its time you got real.
 4. TO SEEK THE TRUTH; You are tired of being the way you are and don't know how to stop being that way. You are desperate. You know the truth will set you free, but you don't have it. Well, here it is: The Truth is admitting to or confessing your sexual sin. That is the first step. Recovery from the bondage starts here. Admitting it to God is half your problem.  Repentance of the sin is the second step. That means stop the sexual!  Its not just being sorry for doing it. Anyone can be sorry, but can YOU stop now? Accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior is the third step. Only when you surrender to Him will He remove your from your bondage. Until you fully accept and humbly live all three of these steps, in the order given above, you will remain in bondage to all you are in bondage to right now, and it will get worse.
 You have been told what bondage is and you have been given the first three steps for deliverance. Now its up to you to put them in play.If you truly want help, the best help you can ask for is God's. Ask and you shall receive.
 Remember, you never see God...But God always sees you...You may have forgotten God is there, But He is still there...and He's watching you and everything you do. He wants to deliver you from your bondage to sexual sin. But you have to let Him. If you don't let Him save you today, He will condemn you tomorrow.
 Father God, I ask that you reach down and touch the hearts of each of those who have come here in desperation and are looking for help. I pray you open their hearts that they may receive you, your grace and your mercy. I ask you lead them to your forgiveness for their sexual sins, and that you lead their hearts to truthful repentance so they become cleansed under the blood of Jesus. This I ask in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Amen.
 Carl A Davenport
 Spiritual Forces Ministry




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