written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast
of the field which Jehovah God had made.

Do you believe that sometime in the nineteenth century, and again in the twentieth century, Satan held a few bible study meetings with his associates here on earth. The purpose of these meetings was not to learn God's word, it was to corrupt it by putting in motion an assault upon the King James Bible. Long before holding these meetings, Satan was tiring of the large member of Christians that were devoted to the King James Bible. So he began collecting ideas and forming a plan to make bibles that focused less on Jesus. If Satan could take Jesus out of the bible, the bible would be more like himself...because there is no Jesus in him. Introducing many new translations of bibles would also cause confusion among the Saints.
 His associates began by creating a few new translations of the Bible. As planned, the new translations took root in the world and were accepted by some, but not enough. These new translations did not replace the King James as Satan had hoped, but they did cause a little confusion to those who were not avid Bible readers. The King James Bible kept its pace as the number one Bible.
 Then, again in the twentieth century, to create more confusion, Satan instructed his minions that they were to create more new bible translations with as many new names as they could come up with. Then he instructed them to flood the world with these new translations and create confusion as to which Bible is really the Word of God. They were even told to create a New King James Version to add more confusion. Many would think: Certainly the New King James Version is good because it is named after the Authorized King James Version.  So, in the twentieth century, many more new translations were created and the world was soon flooded with them.
 Satan's minions have since been busy continuing to create new translations and revising the new translations they created. This is being done to cater to the religious beliefs of those that did not desire the message of the King James Version. Each person could let their hair down and now read scriptures that suited them and their way of life. 
 These new translations are advertised and promoted as a corrected bible because they claim to be translated from the text of newly discovered ancient scrolls. They are promoted as easier to understand than the King James Bible. They are promoted as a quicker method to God for people who are too busy to actually sit down and research for meaning in the Bible. They would also claim the English language has changed and the wordage of the King James Version is not used in the English language anymore. Many have been deceived by these new translations and many more will be.
 What the promoters fail to realize is; it does not matter how many times the slang of the English language changes, or whether or not some slang is added or whether or not some slang is dropped from the language, God does not change and God's Word doesn't change. If God doesn't change why is His Word being abbreviated?  It was, it is, and it always will be the same, as will be God's King James Bible. And...There are no shortcuts or abbreviations to God. There is only one way and that is through the Son. The King James Bible has been the only Bible for years, and all of a sudden there are many new translations each promoting a changed message.
 Each new translation is so designed that by the time a revision of that translation was made, the new changes would be credible to those who were reading that translation because that translation is all they know. Because that's all they know, they would simply either believe the changes or not notice them.  At each revision, a little more of Jesus, His name, and a little more of the truth could be removed from the new translation. These bibles substitute the word 'he' or 'him' for Jesus or Christ and use no capitalization to respect Him as God; they add a one word in strategic locations throughout the Bible that changes the meaning or emphasis where where the text was changed:  these bibles make small subtle changes here, and small subtle changes there, that change the meanings a little more each revision;   Last, but not least, these bibles leave out key parts of verses here and small parts of verses there, and the meanings of the verses change. These small subtle perversions of God's Word would change important meanings set in foundation of the King James Bible. How many revisions do you think it will take before Jesus' message and the meanings of the Bible will be perverted to where Satan will become the god of these bibles?
 Satan tries very subtly to corrupt everything he can that comes from God.   Satan can do nothing by himself. Satan can only suggest and you have to run with the idea he plants in your mind. So, therefore, It is up to you whether or not Satan is successful. He tried to change John the Baptist's name to Zacharias, but Zacharias wasn't having it. What about you? How many changes have you helped Satan make? Are you helping him pervert the Holy Bible? See
Zacharias if you want to see how subtle Satan really is.
 Remember, God never changes anything, He is always the same. Satan always tries to change everything. He always tries to get his changes done through you. Are you helping him?




updated 8-18-2015

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