by Leisa Lopez


I checked you in again last night my child,
Cuz it hurt me so bad to see you out there running wild.
All tired and sucked up you appeared to me,
But put a mirror in front of you and you can't even see;
That you number among the walking dead.
Sores all over your body, confusion in your head.
Jail is not the place you want to be,
But it's "my Hotel" where I can work on thee.

You see you weren't just arrested
You were rescued from yourself.
I had to bring you back here
to put your drug use on the shelf.
Give you some rest, some food, and some talk.
Encourage you and love you before I let you walk.

Don't be like a mule that's led around by a bit.
Just listen to my warnings and I can help you quit.
This could be the last time you have to come to this place.
Just listen to me, the Creator of all, with tears upon my face.