We Are PURPOSELY Not A 501c3 Corporation.
WE DO NOT GIVE TAX EXEMPTIONS because we do not want your money.
If your gift is not your heart, keep it, we do not want it.

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Spiritual Forces Ministry is building a virtual Spiritual Community. This community will provide a Christ based teaching so many can get out from under the hell fire and brimstone of the world, and under the umbrella of Christ.

We are NOT looking for monetary or physical donations. We are looking for donations of time and effort to take what we teach and then go out and make disciples, thus making the ministry grow. Jesus said, "Go forth and make disciples. This is what we are looking for.

If you would like to become involved,  Spiritual Forces Ministry can be contacted by e-mail We thank the Lord for sending you to this page. We hope He asks you to join us and help us in our endeavor.

Thank You

Carl A. Davenport
Spiritual Forces Ministry


NOTE: All the credit and praise is given to God for the design and content of this website. He is the all powerful Creator of all creations. To give credit to anyone else would be a disrespect to the Living God as He continues to create through His creations.



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