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Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

Those who think they are the ‘powers that be’ are not. They’re simply people who have grabbed on to what is God’s and are trying to use it to their advantage. These characters are only actors. They are acting out the role of God. This is only a substandard attempt. God will let them run until they reach the length of the rope he has them on. This play acting works only for a season, or possibly a few seasons, or how ever much time it takes for them to get out on the limb far enough to look like a fool when the limb breaks.

When God is ready to take back what is His, the limb will break and the actor will fall to the ground. The power siege will end and the power play actors will be weeping as they wondered what happened to their power plan.

God is always in control no matter how convincing someone else may be.


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