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It's All In Your Walk…

 A woman was driving to work one morning and running about an hour behind. She was driving fast and cutting in and out of the lanes trying to pass anything in her way. She was stressed out. When she came up on a slower moving car, she tried to get around the car but could not. She started flashing her lights, and tailgating and beeping the horn. The car in front of her didn't speed up or get out of her way.

The car in front of her came to a traffic light that was yellow and about to turn red. There were some children ready to cross, so instead of stepping on the gas, the driver in front of her stopped just before the crosswalk to avoid any possibility of the children running out in front of him.

At this point, the woman went ballistic and started screaming and yelling, flashing her lights, cussing and honking the horn. She gave him the bird and screamed obscenities at him.

Then, there was a knock on her window and it was a Police Officer. The officer asked her to get out of the car and handcuffed her and took her off to jail.

When she was being released, the officer said, "I am sorry miss."

She asked him why he arrested her.

He said, "I saw the Jesus Loves You bumper sticker on your bumper, the chrome plated fish mounted on your trunk lid, and a cross hanging from your rear view mirror, and I saw the way you were acting, so I thought you stole the car and I arrested you.



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