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Be Thankful…
Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

You should really be thankful to God. He is allowing a spiritual mess like you to continue to exist. He created you to worship Him and instead you have worshipped every kind of idol available, idols like yourself, money, sex, drugs, control of others, and the rest of them. You should be very thankful He has not passed His judgment on you yet. You have been very blessed.

You have two options here: One: To Repent of your sinful ways or Two: Hang yourself with the rope He is giving you. You are completely full of sin and evil. You break all His laws daily without any kind of remorse. You have sex with anyone you choose when you choose, and you worship your many other gods daily. You take that which does not belong to you. You do not love God’s other children, you love yourself. You want everything that others have. You want to be recognized, or praised, by man. You brag about everything you do that God allows to work. You really need to be thankful God has been patient with you and hasn't thrown you into hell.

To hate anyone is to be guilty of murder. To dream about having sex with anyone is adultery of the heart. Your heart is filthy. Its not the outward action that makes you a sinner, its the thoughts in your filthy heart. Whatever is in the heart comes off the tongue. All actions follow the heart. Any good action done only to receive the praise of man is evil. There are no bad actions that praise God. So you cannot be evil to show how good God is.

To be forgiven, all you have to do is turn back to God by asking Jesus to forgive you. Then you will have to obey His Word. That is the only way out of your miserable condition of heart. Fill your heart with Jesus and joy will follow. The evil choices you’ve made in the past have come back and filled your heart with an evil spirit. They will continue to control you until Jesus runs the evil spirit out of your heart. But he won’t run the evil out of your heart until He is invited into your heart. You are the only one who can invite Him. So, if you want some relief from the evil spirit controlling your heart, mind, and soul,  just ask Jesus for it by asking Him to come into your heart and be your Lord.



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