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Self DisciplineÖWho is Self?
Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

There is always more room for self discipline, but, you have to first take the self out of it. When the self is removed the discipline becomes divine because self is out of the way of real discipline. Self will not let you discipline yourself properly. Self discipline will always fail you because it is self disciplining self.

Ask in Jesusí name and you shall receive when it is in line with Godís will. If it is not in line with Godís will, it is not of God, it is of self. Self is never in line with God's will.

Self considers only what self desires. Needs and the needs of others do not count. Self takes all and gives none. Self is the co-author of pride. Pride is a tool of Satan. Self is Satanís number one partner in destroying relationships with God. God gives all. Satan takes all.

You can have it your way ó self ó or you can have it Godís way ó obey. But you canít have it both ways. Its one or the other. God lets you choose. He then acts accordingly to your deeds on your account. Godís way is always right whether it pleases self or not. It never does.



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