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Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

The spiritual workaholic thinks heaven comes from Ďhard spiritual work.í He thinks if he is in
church whenever the doors are open, thatís a point. If he adds a few more dollars to the basket,
thatís another point. If he does good somewhere, thatís another point. He has a system of points
that he is sure will get him to heaven. Everything is based on points with this person. In the end, this person will count up his points and will find he is far short of the glory because points do not count.

He is unaware that repentance, belief and faith are the only formula to get to heaven. Points are not. Points are only a supplement of the faith and belief needed. No faith and belief, no points. Repentance pleases God more than anything else. We are dependent on faith in our Christian walk. We stand on faith, we live on faith. Faith is the foundation of our relationship with God after we have repented and have been washed with the blood of Jesus. People who chase points do not please only themselves.


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