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The Church of a Pastor
Inspired by God
Written by Carl A Davenport


When a church is set up to serve God, it is a church of God. That can be the intention, or that can be the reality of the church. It is directly proportional according to the intention or reality of the Pastor, his desires and his actions.

When the church is operating only to serve the Pastor, even thought he pastor yells ďpraise the LordĒ every fifth sentence, and scorns those who are not right with his views and ideas, that is not a Church of God.  It is a church of the Pastor, or a false church, because a Pastor has went as far as to found a church, with the desire that the church will support him and all their needs. That idea is first and foremost in the Pastorís mind, and God's church is not. This misguided Pastor has taken scripture out of its context so he can feed off the church he has founded, rather than to feed off of what God wants him to feed off. Even though he gives a strong presentation and preaches Godís word well, he is still not serving Godís purpose. He is serving his own. Preaching and practicing are on the opposite end of the stick and many pastors ignore the practice side of the stick to grab the preaching end of the stick.

When a pastor serves God, God will take care of him. When a pastor serves himself and his covets, he will have to fend for himself. God will shower him with blessings him regularly to bring him closer, but if he doesnít become closer in the allotted time God has given him, God will shower him with stronger blessings that will certainly get his attention and bring him closer.

If you are a Pastor of a church, and you have had a handful of members for several years, this is a message, in itself, to you.  God is not supporting your church because you are not worshiping Him, you are worshiping your desires as a Pastor. You are a mess in His eyes. He has sent you many messengers, verbal and physical, but you have built your church on your own rationalization not Godís. You have rationalized that you are the Pastor and you are always correct, you run the church according to what is right in your own eyes rather than what is right in God's eyes.  You failed to listen long enough to what the messengers were saying to hear the message God sent through them. You beat them down and made yourself above the message they carried.

Another side of the coin. When a Pastor constantly badgers any of the members of his church, Satan has him in bondage because Satan tears down others, and God builds up, especially when someone is working hard to get closer to God. The Pastor, just as Satan instructs, always has what he has determined to be a Ďgodlyí reason to back his actions and words. If the Godly reason does not suffice, he will use his wisdom to defeat any challenge to his system. This is called rationalization. It is Satanís tool to make the pastor think he knows all about God and is never wrong. It also opens the door for Satan to enter his mind and tell him he is more intelligent than everyone else he is dealing with. Any true Christian near this ĎPastor of Sataní can see he is only acting godly and living the way he pleases. The Pastor of Satan has a strict code of morals and ethics for others, but hides his own actions with a faÁade of holiness around others. He reserves judgment on his own morals and ethics when he is not in the sight of others.

The Pastor of Satan preaches a very good sermon, but falls way short of practicing what he preaches. He expects others to live by what he preaches. Could this be because the sermon isnít what God has given him from within him. Instead of studying the word of God and letting God give him His message from inside, he shortcuts, or takes the easy way and uses a prepared sermon kit from some sermon mill to preach his message. After a few seasons, the sermons become less and less of God and more and more of the Pastor because he is praying on what to preach with his subject already chosen. Of course God will tell him to preach what he desires to preach. God always allows us to go ahead and do it our way. God knows a good  future laugh when He sees one.

Ask the Pastor a question that he wants to avoid, and He will always say, ďIíll pray on it and wait for the answer. In other words, rather than answering, he will use his godliness to avoid giving any answer.  If you check on what ever it is you asked, his response will be, hmmmm, I forgot about that, God must not want me to go there, or well, God didnít tell me yet.

Some Pastors expect their church to give them a car and a place to live. The Bible says in scriptures that a church should take care of it members. In Acts everyone gave everything they had to support one another. That is what it says. It doesnít say buy the Pastor a home, pay his expenses and give him a automobile.  These type of Pastors, who are looking to receive their way paid by the church, are faking their godliness. Only because they expect material goods is why they are a Pastor. These type of pastors have missed a number of other scriptures that tell them how a pastor should conduct himself. The ones that tell him about worshipping idols, including himself.

The scriptures tell him that the Archangel Michael, when Satan was arguing with him over where Moses' body was buried, did not raise his voice. He only said God rebuke thee.  Satan was arguing. That means he was raising his voice. When you raise your voice at another, are you acting like Satan or Michael the Archangel?

When a Pastor begins deciding what is ďof Godí and what is Ďnot of Godí for a others, he is now playing God. When he just instantly spurts out that which is of or not of God, without any prayer and meditation or thought on the statement or the situation God has put that person in.  The Pastor is way out of line. He did not ask God for His decision. He made his own.  The Pastor did not say I will pray about it like he does when the member asks something the Pastor did not want to do. He just jumped in and belittled the person in accordance to his standards, not Godís. This is a Pastor of self, not a Pastor of God.  

If you were to try and point out any of the flaws in this Pastors Ďgame of godliness,í he will have his artillery pointed at your head and will begin a fierce fire fight. You told him he was wrong. You canít do that. He is the Pastor and he is godly. You are wrong for trying to tell him he is wrong.

During his experiences in life, years before becoming a preacher, in order to survive in the world he was functioning in, he built a super rationalization system that would help him stamp out any challenges he faced. It was his tool of survival during rough times and dangerous situations. He did not bury it when he was saved, instead he has incorporated that very same system into a rationalization system of being a godly person. He will deploy his artillery and blast you with rationalization until you run out of reason.  His rationalization system is that strong because it is run from back stage by Satan.  Satan will use the Pastorís Ďgodlinessí to tear you down and help you see it the Pastorís way. If you donít agree, you will be made a fool in the discussion. He has to win, because if you win he loses. Satan has deceived him into believing he is not only representing God, but he has become god. And he has, in his own mind.

Being that the Pastor has a very strong rationalization system that can whip men into the position he wants them to be in, the best way to correct a situation like this is to leave it alone. It will continue in the direction it is going until God says, ďthatís enough.Ē Then it will be enough. The hammer will come down and beat all the dents out and Godís bondo will smooth the dents. Then God will paint the interior, so it will be clean enough for Him to live in. When it is cleaned and painted, God will move in and drive. Until then, the Pastor will continue to as he is.  


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