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The Law of Nature...
Written by Carl A Davenport
inspired by God


In the midst of your busy schedule of lying, cheating, stealing and using others to achieve your own purposes, have you forgot the fact that the very words and deeds you are using today will pursue you tomorrow?

Every one of these childish words and deeds you are using today to scorn, belittle, mark, discourage or discredit someone today will mature into adult words and deeds and hunt you down to repay you tomorrow.

As smart and strong as you think you are while you are using them today, they will grow in leaps and bounds, and will apply all the strength they have grown against you tomorrow and will repay you for each of your evil deeds of today. They will beat you down much farther tomorrow than you attempted to beat others down today.

You need to start using wordage that you can live up to  or follow. Stop your down trodding and start being what you are hating so much in others.

Your time is running out. You are going to have consequences for what you have already done, but you can stop building the storehouse of consequences for yourself by stopping the way you are treating others.

Remember, what ever you have done is already preparing itself to find its source. You will suffer the consequences of all your actions because everything returns to its source. When it returns it is stronger than it was when you sent it out. Itís the Law of Nature and you will be looking this very law right in the eyes soon.



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powerful Creator of all creations. To give credit
to anyone else would be a disrespect to the Living
God as He continues to create through His creations.


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