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Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God

People hate you for one of three reasons.

ONE; you are a Godly person and you try to live a Godly life.
TWO; You used to be like them but found God and changed your life
THREE; You are so ungodly that you will stop at nothing to either rule or ruin everyone and everything. You will go to any length to have it your way and be in control.

If you are hated for reason ONE, which usually isn't the case, and probably isn't in yours,
you are in pretty good shape. That kind of hatred is expected. It has been prophesied. If that's truly the real reason, donít worry about it. Keep building your database.

If you are hated for reason TWO, which again, usually isn't the reason people hate you, its ok to be hated for that reason too. Its always better than not to be sure that's the true reason before you reach back and pat yourself on the back.

If your hated for reason THREE, you brought the wolf to your own door, because you think only of yourself. One of the symptoms of your self worship are, if you remember correctly, is back biting and using others to do your back biting. Have you ever tried to turn the world against someone who wouldnít agree with you? Have you ever laid a trap to make others take your side? Have you cheated, lied, stolen, and hated to the point you have forced out any possibility of having any of God in your heart. You know, deep in your heart, you are your own worst enemy and you will continue to be your own worst enemy until you repent and give up your imaginary proprietorship of the world, and stop doing the evil you are doing to everyone who doesnít agree with you or fit into your agenda.

You need to change your outlook on life. Itís in an ungodly sad shape. You can only change your horrendous attitude and lifestyle by repenting for your sins and giving your life and all the control of it to the Lord. Sit back, shut up, and let Him drive. You have not driven so well. Itís time to give up the steering wheel. You have been seeking the praise and worship of man, but you have failed miserably because youíve received nothing but hate and disgust from them. Your world is about to collapse. Itís your time to seek God. He is calling you. Your world will collapse, but He will repair all your self-ordained problems and convert your existence into a joyful life...But only if you repent and let Him. Heís waiting for you. All you have to do is repent and call Him. He will answer, and you will have to accept His answer or continue as you are.


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