AND...You Probably Don't Want to Hear This...
Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God


Chances are, if you deliver a message to the public, and you have a very large following,  your message may be corrupt.  In today's society, people are corrupted by taking the easier way. If you preach taking the easy way, your message is corrupted. Today's softer-easier way is a false god. The way of our Lord is not the softer-easier way.  It has always been the narrow path and always will be the narrow path. The path is difficult to follow. That is His way. His way will not be corrupted, nor will it change.

If you're preaching about not having any troubles when following the narrow path, you are deceiving yourself and your followers into believing you are on the narrow path of the Lord. 

If you are listening to a preacher and this preacher is preaching a nice gentle, soft, motivating, pleasant touchy-feely sermon about the narrow path being easy to follow, and you should not have difficulties in following the path because Jesus already gave you the victory, you need to look into what is being promoted. Jesus had no smooth path, nearly everyone in the world hated Him. His path was only smooth because He was focused, and His focus was on following the will of the Father, not the path. 

If you are having difficulties with relationships, it does not mean you are focusing on your own will or you own path,  rather than the will and path of the Father but it is a possibility. Jesus followed the path of the Father.  Did He have difficulties with the relationships He was in? Didn't they always want to kill Him? So don't listen to anyone who tells you relationships are easy when you have taken the proper path.

The touchy-feely preachers tell you that you should be financially in real good shape because God has given you the victory over finances. Let's look at how financially fit Jesus was.  He was born outside, never had his own home, and was poor. So why would those who have been given the victory have to be rich and famous? This is another false prophecy. This teaching turns the attention away from God. That's teaching people to grab for riches instead of grabbing for God?   That is promoting riches before God. That makes riches a false god.

All these softer-easier ways are examples of those who are not faithful enough to make it Gods way, so, they will build a database of believers who will follow them and their softer-easier way all the way to hell.  If they can bend your thinking into taking the easier-softer way they have won a false victory in the doctrine of their false worship. They have led you to their father instead of leading you to the Father.

Taking the easy way, rather than following the way of God, converts the easy way into a false god. You did select it over God's way didn't you. Every time you select any other way over God's way, you are worshipping a false god.


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