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Our Day Time and Night Time Character
Inspired by God
Written by Carl A Davenport

We all have a daytime life and a night time life. The daytime life is the one we show others who live a daytime life. It is the one we want all to see. It is the one that makes us look good in the eyes of those who are trying to be good. 

Then we have a night time life. That is the life we live after all the daytime people have gone to sleep. We get with other night time characters and carry on in our night time mode. This is when we do things we would not do in front of other daytime people. This is the dark side of our nature. 

After we live our night time character for a few hours, the scene changes and it becomes daytime again. The daytime characters are back and we are a daytime character again for a few hours. Then night time comes again and we are back in night time mode. 

This is the cycle of a sinner who is making an attempt to look good in the eyes of the daytime people while being dark when the daytime people are not around. The daytime people soon see the flaws in our character but say nothing about it. They pray and wait for change.  

When we are living this type of life, we are digging our dark hole deeper each time we enter our night time character. Soon our night time character will spill over into the daytime character we are falsely displaying to the daytime people. We become known as someone who is not what they are portraying to be. Daytime people move away from us, or we move away from them. Some night time people are better at the night time lifestyle than we are, and they take us to the night time cleaners and leave us wounded or empty. 

The end result is always the same. The hole we are digging gets deeper and it becomes tougher to climb out of. Soon we are in a hole we can’t get out of. We have to repent and call for help. Help seems slow, and when it does arrive, should we begin to climb out of our hole, and then return to the night time character, the next time we fall deeper.  

We soon realize that we cannot get out of the hole we’ve dug unless we repent. When we get out of our hole this time we know we can not return to our night time character for even a moment. We realize we are fooling nobody but ourselves and we have to flee from this night time character at all costs or we will remain its victim. We are now in the beginning stages of repentance. We have to realize we have to change our ways to repent.



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