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Are You a Carbon Copy of Satan?
Inspired by God
Written by Carl A Davenport


Is the picture of Satan in your mind a cartoon character wearing a bright red suit with horns and a tail holding a pitchfork? Is he a half man-half animal? Is he some odd looking creature? If that's the picture you have of Satan, you had better take a second look. Satan is all around you. He may even be in you. He poses as someone with good intentions and lives the lie well. He poses as a politician. He poses as a minister. He poses as leader. He poses as a helper. He has many costumes, and they are all as human as you are.

Satan is the world's master of misrepresentation.  He is the world’s greatest advertiser. His elaborate packaging and his well built product always seem to be for the good. The package is always so attractive and appealing that it will entice you to want what he has, or make you want to help him increase.  But, when you engage yourself with him, you soon find he is full of nothing but deathly poison, and is for out only himself. But will make you believe he is working hard for good intentions. You will also find that he will use you until you have nothing left to use, then discard you and find someone to use. You thought he was going to help you, but you were only a client to him to help him reach his end.

He wants his clients to see him as good, beneficent and trustworthy. He will be always pretending to help others while only deceiving them to seek his own purposes. He arranges institutions or organizations that appear to help others, but the end result is his own mission...himself first and then deceiving souls to reject God under the guise of helping them.

If you were to meet the devil, and you have, many times, you will find him attractive, engaging and persuasive. When you finally see his motive, you're too late. He has already deceived you. You have already helped him. Satan is definitely the prince of darkness, but he successfully presents himself as “an angel of light." This 'light' means being good or helpful. Angels always help. So he is posing as a helper doing good when he is in reality only bringing darkness.



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