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Written by Carl A Davenport
Inspired by God


There are three laws of agriculture.

RULE 1:  You will reap exactly what you sow
RULE 2:. You will always reap more than you sow
RULE 3:  Your harvest comes right after the growing season

These are busy laws because not only do they work in the world of agriculture, they work throughout every spectrum of life. When you think you have been victimized, or were being treated badly, you weren't. You were just receiving a piece of the harvest from the seeds you sowed. When the seeds keep on being sowed, the harvest just keeps on coming. It's like precision clockwork. You can count on it.

If you sow hate, hate will be your harvest. If you sow evil, evil will be your harvest. If you sow
wickedness, wickedness will be your harvest. Whatever you sow you will reap an abundance of it when harvest time comes.

Also, what ever you sew, you will reap much more. If you plant one apple seed, you will have a tree full of apples each harvest time for years to come. The same is true with whatever you sowed yesterday and today.

Be careful what you sow because the law of agriculture states you will reap much more of whatever it is you are sowing when harvest time comes. And harvest time does not come until you forget about what you sowed.


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