Chapter 1

In the Beginning
John 1:1-5
He That Cometh After Me is Preferred Before Me
John 1:15-18
The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness
John 1:19-28
Behold, the Lamb of God
John 1:29-34
Thou Shall be Called Cephas
John 1:35-42
Jesus would go forth into Galilee
John 1:43-51

Chapter 8

Spiritual Paternity Test  John 8:33-59  
Chapter 9
Healing the Blind 
John 9:1-7
Thine Eyes are Opened 
John 9:8-12
The Creator of Healing  
John  9
How to be a New Creature 
John 9:39-41 2Cor 5:17
Sinners Always Throw the First Stone 
John 9:13-38
A New Creature  
John 9:39-41 2cor 517
Chapter 10

Two Kinds of Shepherds 
John 10:1-18

Chapter 11
Pharisees Decide Jesus's Fate 
John 11:47-54

The Passover Agenda for the Pharisees 
John 11:55-7

Chapter 12

Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet  
John 12: 1-9

Jesus Enters the Passover  
John 12:12-19

Jesus Bears Witness of the Father 
John 12:20-36

Fulfilment of Isahia's Prophecy 
John 12:37-41

The Pharisees are Divided 
John 12:42-43

He Who Accepts Accept He Who Sent Me
John 12:44-50


Chapter 13

Ye Ought to Wash One Another's Feet
John 13-1-17

The Betrayal of Jesus 
John 13:18-30

That Ye Love One Another
John 13:31-35

Til Thou hast Denied Me Thrice
John 13:36-38

Chapter 14

Ask and Ye Shall receive
John 14:1-14

The Promise of the Holy Spirit
John 14:15-31

Chapter 15

The True Vine
John 15:1-27


Chapter 16

That Ye Shall Not Be Offended
John 16:1-4

Now I Go To Him Who Sent Me
John 16:5-12

I Have Many More Things to Say to You
John 16 12-16

Yet I Have More to Say to You
John 16:17-22

Ask in My Name and Ye Shall Receive
John 16:23-28

We Believe Thou Camest Forth From God
John 16:27-33

Chapter 17

Thy Work is Completed, Glorify Thy Son so Thy Son can Glorify Thee
John 17:1-4

All Thine are Mine and All Mine are Thine
John 17:6-10

I am not of this World
John 16:11-16

That They Also May Be One in US
John 17:17-21


That They May Be One Even As We Are One
John 17:22-226

Chapter 18

The Betrayal of Jesus
Chapter 18:1-9

Of Them Which Thou Gavest Me, have I Lost None
John 18:9-11

One Man Should Die for the People
John 18:12-14

Peter's First Denial of Jesus
John 18:15-18

In Secret I have Said Nothing
John 18:19-23

The Cock Shall Not Crow
John 18:24-27

What Accusation Bring Ye Against This Man
John 18:28-31

Aren't Thou the King of the Jews
John 18:32-40
Chapter 19

I Find No Fault in Him
John 19:1-7

If thou let this man go, thou art not Caesar's friend:
John 19:8-12

We Have No King but Caesar
John 19:13-18

Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews
John 19:19-22

For My Vesture They Did Cast Lots
John 19:23-24

Woman, Behold Thy Son
John 19:25-27

They Brake Not His Legs
John  19:28-37 

The Burial of Jesus
John 19:38-42

Chapter 20

Jesus Has Arisen
John  20:1-10

Woman, Why Weepest Thou?
John 20:11-18

Peace be unto you
John 20:19-23

Why the Gospel of John was Written
John 20:24-31

Chapter 21

The Great Multitude of Fishes
John 21:1-14

Feed My Sheep
John 21:15-25